Pest Control Services in Cave Creek, Carefree and Scottsdale, Arizona

About Time Pest & Weed Control has been providing reliable, eco-friendly pest and termite service in Cave Creek, Carefree, and Scottsdale areas in Arizona for over two decades. Locally owned and operated, our Bugman service technicians are well-trained and deliver a thorough service at each property we visit. Rick Dyer and his team specialize not only in residential and commercial pest control but offers a wide range of other specialty pest services including termite control and weed killer service.

Pest Control for Homes, Businesses, and Restaurants

About Time Pest and Weed can protect your home, business and even restaurant food establishments from unwanted pests. Common pests found in homes include ants, mice, silverfish, earwigs, roaches, and spiders. Some spiders can deliver a dangerous bite or sting. Black widows are a common pest inCave Creek, Carefree, and Scottsdale that threaten homes, business and restaurants.

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Home Pest Control

About Time Pest and Weed in Scottsdale can control common residential pests with regular pest inspections and regular pest services. All residential services are thorough and carried out with an eco-friendly approach to keep homes from unwanted invaders.

Ant Pest Control


Ants are the most commonly occurring pest and their nests can at the time be difficult to locate. A trained pest control specialist can identify ant problems and provide solutions to exterminate not only the ants visible on top of the surface but can exterminate the ant nest and its queen inside.  Click here to learn how to get rid of ants naturally. 




Roaches are also a menace for Cave Creek, Carefree, and Scottsdale homeowners. Although roaches do not inflict poisonous bites, they are dangerous due to their ability to transfer bacteria and disease from one place to another. Just image how they can taint and otherwise sanitary silverware drawer in a kitchen.

Rat and Mice Removal


Rodent control is a critical element of any home or commercial pest control service. Mice can slip through a hole the size of a dime, and rats can fit through an opening the size of a quarter. Rats and mice are notorious for gnawing their way into warmer structures from the cold (or hot) outdoors. They seek shelter foot and most importantly, a good source for water. Rats and mice can be excluded from gaining entrance into a home or building. If a rat or mice infestation is found, About Time Pest and Weed Control  has several protocols for fast rat and mice removal.

Commercial Pest Management

Rick Dyer helps to establish good protections against harmful pests and rodents, as well as maintaining weed free landscapes. Property managers of commercial investment buildings view pest management as a critical line item in their maintenance budgets. Rick Dyer routinely provides commercial pest management inspections, annual pest control bids for service and outstanding pest management results for managers. Rick Dyer commercial pest control services include management of insect pests as well as vertebrate pests such as rats and mice.

Restaurant Pest Control and Food Handling Pest Management

Restaurants can suffer bad ratings and even closure if sanitation standards aren’t up to the highest level. Besides financial risk, pests also pose health risks to restaurant patrons who dine in. Restaurant employees should also be able to work in a pest controlled environment. Rick Dyer and About Time Pest and Weed Control in Carefree, Scottsdale, and Cave Creek AZ are experienced in managing pest issues in restaurants. Most commonly, ants, roaches and rodents such as rats and mice need to be controlled and eliminated from food service businesses.

Lawn Fertilization and Yard Insect Control


Weeds and invasive bugs can harm lawns and desert landscape. They also can be a real pain to try to control after a long week of hard work away from home. Not to mention the difficulty of picking weeds around cactus and in between rocks. If left alone, weeds can quickly infest an entire lawn or garden. Lawn fertilizing and yard insect control helps to control weeds and is an important part of protecting a property from pests. Rick Dyer offers Lawn Fertilization and Yard Insect Control services that can help to control weed infestations throughout each four seasons of the year.

Bee Removal


Bees are definitely beneficial insects. But often times they can threaten a home or patrons of commercial properties. In these special cases, bee removal may be necessary. Bee removal is even more crucial when surrounding residents have known bee allergies or when small children or elderly people are nearby.

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